Arcos Brasil

Arcos Brasil is committed to distributing the best products in the trade for North America. They avoid unnecessary waste and work to ensure the preservation of endangered Pernambuco wood, which is used for bow-making. Growing hundred of thousands of seedlings in their very own nursery, Arcos Brasil is very active in reforestation programs, all while crafting and providing instruments with a distinctly resonant and warm tone quality, which we have found out-perform instruments in competing price ranges.

Stop by the showroom, call us at 316-262-1487 or Email Rebecca Chaney for more information.

Arcos Brasil "Heritage" Violin Outfit

Arcos Brasil “Heritage” Violin Outfit
Includes: Maple Leaf Case | Braided Carbon Fiber Bow | Professional Repair Department | Free Loaner | Teacher Approved | Financing Available
  • Chinese Tonewoods
  • Lightly Antiqued Finish