Music for Mental Health

Cultivate wellness with music. Holistic efforts to balance physical, emotional, and mental health must include healthy habits. Music is frequently recommended by clinicians to boost the brain, reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. Making music is a personal therapy session that’s more than just easy on the ears. Putting your eyes, ears, hands, feet and brain to work in rhythm has real benefits.

Modern music lessons

The persistence required to learn a new skill, and refine it year after year, builds muscle memory and mental endurance. The satisfaction of learning a new bar or finally finishing an original song–there’s simply no other feeling like it on earth. Making music is an authentic opportunity to connect with others and produce something more amazing than the sum of its parts.

Whether you prefer to learn with an instructor or through his or her screen, you’ll receive the thoughtful attention of experienced musicians on the Senseney team. Senseney Music serves the Wichita area with lessons for kids and adults, in person and virtually. Get a free lesson with any instrument purchase.

Family time together

With more time together at home, many families are considering piano purchases. The perfect centerpiece for bringing people together, pianos are family heirlooms. They provide decades of delight and build strong bonds and special memories.

At Senseney, we’ve been making a difference with music since 1984. Browse our instrument selection online, come by the store or give us a call. Book virtual lessons or online appointments to discuss a new instrument purchase. The Senseney team believes in music’s power to bring people together and build healthy communities. Flexible financing options are available, as well.  Pick up an instrument and join us!