Guitars are the Gift of 2020

For most of us, holiday memories include music. We think back to simpler times of our childhood gathered with family. If you’re really lucky, there’s someone in those memories strumming a guitar while you sat around a warm fireplace and sang Christmas carols.

Music has a magical way of bringing us together. Creating something shared among us has a way of opening up other channels of communication.  Since we have to stay in, fill your home with music for the holidays. Pick up a guitar and gather your family together.

Christmas’ Past, Present and Future

2020 is a turning point. Future generations will look back at this year as the inflection point for monumental change. We are experiencing a shift that won’t be undone. Anyone who survives this year will emerge different than they were at the beginning in ways they did not expect.

What that change looks like is different for all of us. It is out of our control to different degrees. In these circumstances, staying present while creating music is just what the life-coach ordered. Learning and performing music requires you to focus and forget a lot of what’s going in the world outside. Playing music in your home is a beautiful, simple way to share joy with the people who live there.

Senseney Guitars and Ukuleles

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